Students participating in the Immersion Program must have a quality set of tools to work successfully. VWS supplies tool kits and sharpening stones to students who have not yet acquired them.  We highly recommend students work to acquire the following tools for their work at the school and into the future.  Quality tools will last a lifetime, so invest now for your future.

Recommended Tools

  • 6” metal rule

  • Combo Water Stone 220/1000

  • Combo Water Stone 4000/8000

  • 12’ tape measure: Stanley or other brand

  • Dozuki Z Saw or English backsaw for dovetails  

  • 12” Combination Square - SPI or Starrett

  • 6” Combination Square -SPI or Starrett

  • Double Bevel Marking Knife

  • Mortising Gauge or Wheel Marking Gauge

  • Set of 6 Woodworking Chisels

  • Low Angle Block Plane - Lie Nielsen or Veritas

  • #4 or #5 plane - Lie Nielsen or Veritas

  • Card Scraper - Lee Valley or Lie Nielsen

  • 3” or 4” Sliding Bevel Gauge - Lee Valley or Lie Nielsen

  • 18” cork-backed metal ruler - Dick Blick

  • Drafting Mechanical Pencils - Dick Blick

  • Drafting Triangles - Dick Blick 

  • Architect’s Triangular Scale Rule - Dick Blick