Our three machines shops each are well-equipped with a complete set of woodworking machines comparable to a small furniture-making shop. Our six table-saws are all Sawstop technology with submarining blades to prevent hand injury from the saw-blade.  Each shop has its own planer, one or two wood jointers, multiple bandsaws, a router table, a compound miter-saw and a drill presses.  In addition, students have access to multiple JDS Multi-Routers, and a set of woodworking lathes.


Our 15,000 square foot barn is nestled in a valley below the highest peak in Vermont.  We are in the country but within a 45 minute drive to Burlington, a bustling college town and consistently on the top 5 for great towns in the US. The Vermont Woodworking School offers a tranquil setting for students to focus on their work and provide a unique setting to learn furniture making.


Adjacent to our mill rooms we have six lathes for classes and for students to learn and practice turning. All students learn the technique and skills of working on the lathe, with opportunity for greater exploration.


For the benefit to our students, we have a photo studio available to document work at the end of each semester. Students use their high quality photos to showcase their work in their portfolios. In the course of the Immersion Program curriculum, students may take Computer Marketing and Business for Wood Artisans.  In this class they will have the opportunity to learn the basics of taking quality product photographs. 


The third floor houses our library and computer lab. We have a library of fine woodworking, furniture making, and antique magazines and books to provide a well rounded collection of woodworking resources. Students use our computer lab as they learn SolidWorks and other design software. 


Each student in the Vermont Woodworking School has a bench on either the 1st or 2nd floor of the barn, each with lumber and project storage, and hand tools within easy access. The student benches are separate from our mill shops to preserve a more quiet space to work.

Students participating in the Immersion Program must have a quality set of tools to work successfully.  We highly recommend students purchase the following tools for their work at the school and into the future.  Quality tools will last a lifetime, invest now in your future.

Tool Kit Contents:

  • 6” metal rule

  • Combo Water Stone 4000/8000

  • 12’ tape measure: Stanley or other brand

  • Dovetail Saw

  • 12” Combination Square

  • 6” Combination Square

  • Marking Knife

  • Mortising Gauge

  • Set of 6 Woodworking Chisels

  • Low Angle Block Plane

  • #4 or #5 plane

  • Card Scraper

  • 3” or 4” Sliding Bevel Gauge

  • 18” metal ruler

  • Drafting Pencils

  • Drafting Triangle

  • Architect’s Triangular Scale Rule


The Fletcher Gallery showcases the best of our students' work at the end of each semester. As Vermont Woodworking School is a Vermont State Craft Center, tourists frequently visit the gallery.  Instructor pieces are also featured on a rotating basis.


Woodworking is challenging work, and everyone needs time to decompress or plan for the next step in the project. The barn has ample room for students to research their next project and for events that take place throughout the semester


The Vermont Woodworking School's finish room, adjacent to the bench room is equipped with a well-sized exhaust system to ensure good air quality. The back wall of the finish room is part of the original stone foundation of our barn.

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