Welcome to the Immersion Program at the Vermont Woodworking School! The information below will help get you ready for your semester. Should you have any questions, please get in touch with us via phone or email.



Are you in need of housing for the upcoming semester? Please go to the Semester Housing page to learn more about on- and off-campus housing options, view pictures, request housing, and pay a housing deposit. 


Vermont Woodworking School awards scholarships of $500 or $1,000 per semester to Immersion Program students. Students are welcome to reapply each semester for a scholarship.  Scholarships are awarded based on financial need and/or merit. You are welcome to apply for both need-based and merit-based scholarships. The total amount awarded will not exceed $1,000 per semester. To apply, please fill out a Scholarship Application

Students are also encouraged to apply for a VWS Assistantship.  VWS Assistants are students who work at VWS to help keep the shop running smoothly.  Students are paid hourly for their work at VWS. Any student who applies for an Assistantship is awarded a position that allows them to earn $500 in their first semester working on average two to three hours per week. Students may request an increase in hours in subsequently enrolled semesters.  To apply, please fill out a VWS Assistantship Application 


Students participating in the Immersion Program must have a quality set of tools to work successfully.  Students who do not have tools of their own already can check out a tool kit at no additional cost.  Students are encouraged to acquire their own tools over time as they learn what they require and get to know their personal preferences.

Tool Kit Contents:

  • 6” metal rule

  • Combo Water Stone 220/1000

  • Combo Water Stone 4000/8000

  • 12’ tape measure: Stanley or other brand

  • Dozuki Dovetail Saw

  • 12” Combination Square

  • 6” Combination Square

  • Marking Knife

  • Mortising Gauge

  • Set of 6 Woodworking Chisels

  • Low Angle Block Plane

  • #4 or #5 Smooth Plane

  • Card Scraper

  • 3” or 4” Sliding Bevel Gauge

  • 18” Metal Ruler

  • Drafting Pencils

  • Drafting Triangle

  • Architect’s Triangular Scale Rule

If you'd prefer to buy your own tools, please email us for a list of suggested tools and brands.

Students are also required to bring (not included in rental tool kit):

  • Eye Protection: buy a pair that is comfortable and fits well as you will wear them a lot

  • Hearing Protection: Bilsom or Peltor brand preferred but find something that is comfortable

  • Comfortable shop shoes: closed toed, durable, supportive, good for working on hard surfaces for many hours.

  • Orbital Palm Sander: Bosch, Delta or Festool ­ and compatible sanding discs (120, 150, 180, 220 grits).

  • Miscellaneous consumables (consider bringing or purchasing as needed at local J&L Hardware) including #2 Pencils (we do not use carpentry pencils) and Wood Drill bits.

In their first semester, students are provided a starter kit of consumable items such as glue and sandpaper, plus the materials needed to build the projects for their Foundations I class: a maple, shaker bed-side table with fitted drawer, a small box, joinery samples, wooden mallets and bowl. In the fall and spring semesters (not summer) new students also take Design I where they will learn to conceptualize, design and build a unique table.  Because every project is different, students may need to plan for additional costs for their project.  Students are given a $250 wood credit at Tree House Lumber in South Burlington where they can select their own materials for this project.  Students may also have additional out-of-pocket expenses to purchase veneers, hardware, and any other consumable items needed to complete their projects.


You can expect to receive a program invoice and a housing invoice if applicable, prior to the start of the semester.  Payment is due in full by the first day of the semester, however, payment plans are granted upon request. To request a payment plan, or to arrange payment in advance of invoice, please email blake@vermontwoodworkingschool.com


VWS prefers checks to other forms of payment if possible.  If you are able to pay by check, please make it payable to Vermont Woodworking School and drop it off at the office or mail it to: 


Vermont Woodworking School

148 Main Street

Cambridge, VT 05444

Alternatively, you may pay using a debit or credit card on our payments page.  If you do not see a button in the amount of the payment you would like to make, please contact Blake Ewoldsen by emailing blake@vermontwoodworkingschool.com. Blake will send you a request for your specific payment amount.  


Your housing invoice may be payable to a different entity depending on where you will be living. This will be clear on your housing invoice.  


Full-time students who are attending the Vermont Woodworking School in Fairfax may apply for a limited number of VWS Assistantships. These hourly paid positions are awarded based on student need, the needs of the school, and the number of positions available. To learn more and apply click here.


Refund Policy:

  • The $500 program deposit is nonrefundable.

  • The remainder of the tuition is due on or before the first day of the semester.

  • Payment plans are granted upon request.

  • Students cancelling their enrollment prior to the first day of the semester will forfeit their $500 deposit; any other payments will be refunded.

  • If a student withdraws within the first four weeks of the semester, they will receive a refund of $325/week for the remaining weeks of the semester.

  • If a student withdraws after the first four weeks of the semester, they will forfeit all payments.


VWS recommends having a car while you are studying at the Vermont Woodworking School.  We are located in a beautiful, rural area, and the nearest town with amenities such as the village store, drug store, hardware store, etc… are three miles from the school.  We do not recommend biking our stretch of Route 104 due to truck traffic.   While we have had students who have moved into on-site housing on site have managed without a car by catching rides with fellow students, we do recommend coming with a vehicle.  Students who indicate they are not coming with a car will be given priority for placement in our on-site housing.  


For more information about how to get to school, via air, train and bus, please visit our Contact Us page.  


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