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James Moore - Foundations II Cabinet
Kimberly Mann - Foundations II Cabin
Michael Biggs - Chair Design
Eli Rosenblum-Stephens - Lighting
Liam Whalen - Drum Table
Hans Martin - Drafting Table
Charlie Baylor - Lighting
Jenna Graziano - Nest Table
Sam Young - Design I Table
Helen Hamilton - Chair Design
Ethan Canan - Degree Project
Kate Davidson
Alex Kolnberger
Gonzo Macabeo
Cooper Feiner-Homer
Bri Kaplan
Jared Williams
Frank Grischbowsky
Oscar Martinez
Ethan Canan
Kevin Scott
Chelsea Weeden
Gi-Kwon Jeong
Oscar Martinez
Jared Williams
Cooper Feiner-Homer
Brian Holbrook
Kate Davidson
Jamie Herman
John Humes
Eli Rosenblum-Stephens

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Alicia Dietz


"Each instructor has something different they bring to the table. In my two years at the Vermont Woodworking School, I filled my tool bag with techniques, tips, and tricks that have made the instructors masters at their own craft. The individual attention I received was the draw for a small and technically-minded school. The skills I learned there translate into furniture that is made to withstand the test of time."


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Jeremy Zietz


"The Vermont Woodworking School's Immersion Program was just what I was looking for - a program which allowed me to work directly with an incredible group of woodworkers who each have their own perspective within a top notch facility. It created an environment where I could completely shape my own experience, and quickly learn a great deal about my particular interests. Building a completely new body of work in this program allowed me to go confidently into my next step as a maker and designer."


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Oscar Martinez

"What makes Vermont Woodworking School so special is it's community. In my 3 semesters, I learned something from every instructor in the school. Terre is as patient and positive as they come, which is just what you need when you're trying to tune a plane for the first time. Mario is a fountain of knowledge, without whom I would not have been able to wrap my head around some of my more ambitious ideas. If you want to be a better woodworker, Brian will move mountains to make sure that happens. Rick R. and Rick M. are brilliant craftsmen who are eager to share their feedback. Not only did I become a much better woodworker at VWS, I did it beside a group of students who are as passionate about woodworking as I am and I gained a new family at VWS."

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Jake Brown

“Through the Vermont Woodworking School, I was able to achieve a level of craftsmanship and technical ability not possible through self teaching or on-the-job training. The environment fostered by both students and faculty was conducive to immense learning, creativity, and growth as a designer craftsperson. The in-depth instruction through small class sizes as well as one-on-one studio time was exactly what I needed to propel myself towards a successful career in fine furniture making.”

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Jamie Herman


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Catherine Emil


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Matt Ogelby


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