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Black Lives Matter - Our Statement on Racial Justice

Dear VWS Community,

We stand in support of the fight for racial equality and an end to systemic racism in our country. We recognize the pronounced racial inequities in the wood products industry, as well as our responsibility as an education community to examine our goals and actions to better support equality. 

We commit to fostering a more inclusive environment where woodworkers of all backgrounds, abilities, and identities feel supported in their pursuits. We will take the following action steps: 

  • Enroll all staff and faculty members in a cultural competency professional development course to foster a more inclusive learning environment. 

  • Incorporate school-wide cultural competency workshops into each semester to ensure inclusion remains an ongoing commitment at our school.

  • Evaluate our recruiting and enrollment strategies and make active changes to further increase diversity among our student body;

  • Seek input from students and from our local community on how we can better serve students who come from backgrounds that are traditionally under-represented in woodworking.

These challenging times are also times for optimism and growth. As we work to enact positive change here at VWS, we encourage you to join us in this effort and to remain hopeful about what we can achieve. We welcome your input and hope you will reach out and share your experiences with VWS and how you believe we can do better. 


The staff and faculty at Vermont Woodworking School

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