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Full-Time Fine-Woodworking and Furniture Design Intensive

Now enrolling for the following start dates:

SUMMER '19: June 17 - August 16; 9 weeks; $5,850

FALL '19: August 26 - December 20

6 week: $3,900

9 week: $5,850

15 week: $7,800

- Immersion Program now GI Bill eligible - 


The Immersion Program is Vermont Woodworking School's full-time, intensive fine woodworking and furniture-design program. In the tradition of the apprenticeship, students spend full  days in the woodshop with access to the guidance of professional furniture-makers and woodworkers. Students, here to learn the trade, start with the basics, then take on increasingly challenging woodworking and furniture-making projects of their own design. 

Our spacious, three-story, 15,000 square foot barn includes 5 bench rooms, 4 machine shops, a 12-seat computer lab, photo studio, common areas and gallery.  Each student moves into their own bench an access the faculty throughout the day, and may work in the shop in the evenings and on weekends in addition to the regular work-week.  

Our on-site, furnished housing options make an easy transition to school possible, with ease of access to the facility both during regular school hours and in the evenings and on weekends.   


The VWS Immersion Program experience is a combination of structured curriculum and free studio time in the workshop with access to instructor support. We accept new students at the start of the fall, spring or summer semesters.  Students may enroll for six weeks, nine weeks or one full semester.  Students who choose six or nine will have the option to extend.  Students can opt to stay for up to four semesters, or two academic years to continue to increase their skill level.  

While in the program, students take on increasingly challenging classes which range from learning the foundations of fine woodworking by hand and machine, making tables with fitted drawers, and learning to design on computer and on paper, to designing and building wall-mounted cabinets with doors and drawers, chests of drawers, chairs and beautiful turned pieces on the lathe.  Students learn to conceptualize, design and ultimately build with accuracy, whatever challenge they wish to pursue. In addition, the curriculum offers in the form of electives, an extensive education in SolidWorks design software; an opportunity to learn about the business of woodworking including computer marketing and portfolio design; advanced turning; marquetry, parquetry and inlay techniques; sculptural lamp design; and woodworking machine and tool maintenance.

Expect to spend full days in the shop in a combination of structured curriculum, and studio time with access to faculty support.  Expect to be challenged by your faculty and peers to become your best and to take on increasingly challenging woodworking and furniture projects of your own design.   

We have a diverse student body at Vermont Woodworking School.  The vast majority of our students come to attend VWS from out-of-state and come from a variety of backgrounds. With the start of each new semester, we always have group of traditional-aged students who recently graduated from high school or achieved their G.E.D.. We also have young people interested in taking a gap year; many young adults in their twenties and thirties interested in making a career transition or add to their portfolio of marketable skills; and people approaching retirement who are interested in launching their woodworking hobby.    


To learn more, you are encouraged to complete the form below to add your name to the list of interested students so we can hold a bench for you as there is limited space available at the start of each semester.  Once we receive this form, we will email you additional information about the program, housing options, tools and materials and more.  You are also welcome to call us at 802-849-2013.  We would be happy to speak with you about your goals and whether this or another program is a good fit for you. You are encouraged to speak with Director, Carina Driscoll. 






Now enrolling for the following start dates: 

FALL '19: August 26 - December 20 (15-week semester)

SPRING '19: Dates TBD


Students enrolled in Northern Vermont University's (NVU) Bachelor of Fine Arts or Associate of Arts in Fine Woodworking and Furniture Design take the courses in their major at Vermont Woodworking School in our 15,000 square foot historic barn turned modern woodworking facility. NVU students study in the same classes and the same faculty as VWS's Immersion students.  


NVU students are assigned their own bench at the Vermont Woodworking School and participate in an average of 6 to 9 credits of their full 15-credit course load each semester. The course fee for courses taken at Vermont Woodworking School is $650 per credit  The remainder of the student's courses are completed at Northern Vermont University, located 20 minutes from Vermont Woodworking School on a beautiful rural campus with about 1,650 students enrolled.  


Northern Vermont University students have access to the best of both worlds. Students can participate in NVU's liberal arts classes, extra-curricular and sport activites, take advantage of campus amenities including workout facilities and pool, campus cafes, theatres and galleries, on campus housing and meal plans.  NVU BFA students have the opportunity to take Art History courses, ceramics, welding and visual arts at NVU's Visual Arts Center.  And while at VWS, students can access our full woodworking facility including bench rooms, mill shops, finish room, a 12-seat computer lab, photo studio, common areas and gallery.  

To learn more, please complete the Request More Info form below to add your name to the list of interested students.  Once we receive this form, we will  contact you with additional information about the Northern Vermont University option, and will connect you with their Admissions Office. You are welcome to call us at 802-849-2013.  We would be happy to speak with you about your goals and whether this or another program is a good fit for you. You are encouraged to speak with Vermont Woodworking School Director, Carina Driscoll. 

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