Individuals who wish to explore woodworking in a creative wood shop environment are encouraged to pursue a residency at Vermont Woodworking School. 


Residents are encouraged to begin their residency by participating in a four-day Introduction to Furniture-Making to ensure they are ready to safely and properly use the shop equipment.  Please check the community class calendar online at for dates. 

Residents participate in weekly meetings about their projects with other residents and Immersion students.  During this time, residents will have access to mentorship by master woodworkers who can offer advice and support.   At the conclusion of the residency, residents make an informal presentation to the school community about their work while at Vermont Woodworking School.  


The residency program can be the right option for individuals who: 


  • work well independently if given access to the right equipment, their own bench, shop space, tools and occasional guidance;


  • want to explore woodworking as a form of creative expression without being limited to furniture design; 


  • want to pursue an integration of woodworking with other mediums; 


  • are pursuing an MFA and are looking for a creative space to develop their body of work; 


  • are looking for a creative space for a sabbatical, a break, or a period of transition in their lives. 



Applications for residencies are accepted on an ongoing basis and are emailed upon request. To request an application, contact Director, Carina Driscoll at 802-849-2013 or


Criteria for consideration will include the value this residency will bring to the overall school environment and students in education programs; the compatibility of the work the applicant intends to pursue with the facility and existing learning activities; the generosity of spirit of the applicant including their willingness to share their work and appreciation for art craftsmanship with others in the VWS community. 



  • $400 per week. Shop residency includes an assigned bench with vise and hand-tool kit, access to community classes, participation in weekly meetings. Materials are not included.  Residencies must be at least 4 weeks long.  

  • Housing is available on a first come, first serve basis.  The rate of housing is $220 per week.  




Residents at VWS may participate in community workshops while at Vermont Woodworking School.  Residents assist with workshop and materials preparation, check-in, and may assist the instructor with the course when needed and appropriate.    



4 days, offered in Sept, Dec, Feb, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug

Build a hall table in the Shaker tradition from rough-saw, kiln-dried maple. Learn the foundational skills of furniture-making, from choosing wood and equipment safety and operation, to mortise and tenon joinery, and finishing techniques.


WOODEN BOX WORKSHOP - 5 days (Summer only)

Build an elegant, Vermont hardwood box. We’ll go over machine and hand-tool woodworking basics, which will be appropriate whether it’s all new to you or you are wanting to refine your skills. We will use a variety of machine ad hand tool techniques to complete many steps from milling parts, to joinery with extensive focus on table saw techniques. The work quiets down in the bench room with hand tool work, assembly, finish, and detailing to make the box uniquely yours.


INTRODUCTION TO HAND JOINERY - 2 days, offered in Dec, Feb, Jun, Aug

The instructor will teach students the basics of keeping your tools sharp, proper use of marking knife, marking gauges, chisels, mallet, and saws.  Students will learn to lay out, mark, cut and fit cross-lap, half-lap and bridal joints.


INTRODUCTION TO HAND-CUT DOVETAILS - 2 days, offered in Sept, Jan, Apr, Aug

Students will have the opportunity to master the bench-mark of quality craftsmanship, the hand-cut dovetail.  Students will learn to layout and cut through and half-blind dovetails. 


INTRODUCTION TO TURNING - 2 days, offered in Sept, Dec, Feb, Apr, May, Jun, Jul

Learn how to properly and safely use a wood lathe to turn small, hardwood bowls and spindles. Learn to use and sharpen several common turning tools. 


TURNING INTENSIVE - 3 days, offered in Feb, Aug, 

Gain a comprehensive understanding of wood turning,  fine-tuning basic techniques and working up to more advanced skills such as eccentric turning. Turn pieces including green live-edge bowls, candle stands, goblets, and lidded boxes. Students will also learn stock selection, preparing a blank for turning from a log round, and how to successfully dry a once turned bowl.  Prior turning experience required. 



Turn bowls from unseasoned log blanks using the once turned method.

Students will explore the once versus twice turned techniques; processing

logs into bowl blanks; selecting for grain orientation and shape; design

considerations; strategies for mounting blanks on the lathe; how to dry

finish a bowl; and sanding and finishing techniques. Ample time on the

lathe will allow students to develop and refine their turning techniques.

Materials and tools will be provided, however students are welcome to

bring their own bowl blanks and/or turning tools.  Some prior turning

experience required. 


Other workshops offered: 

> Cabinet-Making 

> Building a Front Door 

> Building Stairs

> Timberframe

> Sculptural Lamp Design 

> Making Hand Tools

> Inlay, Marquetry and Parquetry

> Advanced Finishing Technique