May 18 - 21; Aug 24 - 27

Monday - Thursday


SolidWorks is the world leader in 3D design software used by engineers and technicians all over the world. Most design and manufacturing companies rely on SolidWorks to help produce leading edge products. 


The class, taught in our computer lab in Fairfax, Vermont, will focus heavily on design for manufacturing. Traditional SolidWorks classes focus only on the software and its capabilities designing arbitrary shapes. This class will jump right into designing sheet metal, machined components, injection moldings and castings -- skills companies look for in their potential employees. 


The classes are taught by passionate industry professionals who use SolidWorks every day to design real products. This industry experience allows the class to solve real-world problems encountered in product design. Upon completion of the class the students will be able to design products and communicate design intent through drawings.


Instructor: TBD

Cost: $1095