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"Going to Vermont Woodworking School gave me the direction, confidence and become a craftsman."

"Going to Vermont Woodworking School gave me the direction, confidence and skills to realize my hopes and intentions to become a craftsman. While firmly grounding me in traditional techniques and character of craft, the supportive faculty allowed me the exploration of my own personal style and the limitations of wood as a medium. VWS was the perfect venue to learn and focus on my work with the escape of the mountains right out my back door. I have remained in Vermont because of the the close relationships galvanized by long hours in the shop immersed in the creative and collaborative community of VWS."

Patrick Ford-Torrani, B.A. '12


"one thing that continuously impressed me was the instructors"

"Throughout my time as a student in the Immersion Program at the Vermont Woodworking School, one thing that continuously impressed me was the instructors. Their collective experience and credentials is staggering; their work is incredible; and they are as eager to help and educate as you could hope any instructor to be. Throughout my years spent as a student or professional, I am hard-pressed to think of a more knowledgable, qualified, and enthusiastic group of educators and mentors. It really made my experience there what it was, and I am incredibly grateful for it."

Matthew Ogelby, Immersion Program '13


"The Vermont Woodworking School is a world-class facility"

"The students are great, and I have loved being around the creative energy and camaraderie there."

"Over the years that I have had the pleasure to be involved with the Vermont Woodworking School, I've seen them grow very quickly into a program that rivals other well-known woodworking schools across the country. The location is great; nestled in the rural beauty of north-western Vermont, but also not far from Burlington. The facilities are amazing, occupying 3 floors of a massive 1890s barn that's been completely renovated, insulated, and well-equipped with tools and machinery. The students are great, and I have loved being around the creative energy and camaraderie there. The faculty is a perfect mix of woodworkers who have extensive experience and training from a wide-range of different professional woodworking backgrounds. There is great emphasis on hand tool skills at VWS, but also great emphasis on design and the highly technical aspects of woodworking.  

VWS has been a great addition to the woodworking tradition and community in Vermont. As a supporting member of the Guild of Vermont Furniture Makers, VWS hosted the Guild in the summer of 2014, for our first Guild retreat. It was a great opportunity for the professional woodworkers in our guild to come together to discuss things like design and techniques and to share that discussion with some of the recent grads and incubator space residents. And we got to fire up the new outdoor wood-fired pizza oven at the school for a great meal! The retreat was enjoyed by all, and we look forward to doing it again in 2015! "

David Hurwitz, Faculty Member

"The Vermont Woodworking School is a world-class facility with a great program and talented staff who turn out many fine craftspeople. The VWMA has had the pleasure of working with the school and many of their instructors since their opening. They are excellent partners and take advantage of the many opportunities we offer. From students, to staff, to Carina Driscoll and the rest of the administration, they are active participants in the industry and have kept their eye on its needs for the future. Vermont is fortunate to have a facility of such high caliber. It attracts people from all over the country, from young entrepreneurs to those making mid-life career changes."

Kathleen Wanner, Executive Director

Vermont Wood Manufacturer's Association