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We're Hiring!

Lead Faculty Member

Job Description

We’re looking for a warm, creative, passionate teacher with extensive woodworking know-how
who is excited to educate the next generation of furniture-makers.

Through a safe, inclusive environment and challenging courses, the Vermont Woodworking
School fosters a creative community and educates the next generation of fine furniture makers in
hands-on programs that teach both traditional and contemporary woodworking techniques
executed at the highest level. We teach college-aged and adult students in our semester-based
Immersion Program, and we also offer short-form workshops for those looking to dip their toes in
the craft.


Now in its 15th year, the Vermont Woodworking School is looking for a lead faculty member who
is inspired by this mission and wants to help us take our program into a new era. This faculty
member will both work on updating & guiding our Immersion Program curriculum and will also
teach core classes within this curriculum. We’re looking for someone with a big vision, who loves
community, and who has high standards. We’re excited to receive your application!

Expectations & Responsibilities

  • The lead faculty member drives the academic programming for the school. They will work with leadership to update our curriculum and will work to implement it across all class levels.

  • The lead faculty member will teach two core classes a semester, with the option of teaching electives of their choice as well.

  • The lead faculty member will teach students how to effectively use a 3d modeling program.

  • The lead faculty member is the curriculum expert. They will review and approve all syllabi and primary assignments for each course.

  • The lead faculty member will create and enforce clear grading policies and standards for each course; these rubrics will be shared with students to assist in tracking their progress.

  • The lead faculty member will participate in academic conversations regarding students across all courses.

  • The lead faculty member is expected to be up to date on current pedological thought around art schools and trade schools. Lead faculty are expected to attend at least one relevant professional development program per year, selected in conjunction with administration and paid for by Vermont Woodworking School.

  • The lead faculty member (and all other faculty members) are expected to support all students, across the duration of the program, in working to learn the subject material and complete their projects. They should appear available and approachable to students at any level.

  • The lead faculty member will set an example of the safety standards at VWS (ie., wearing safety glasses when operating any machinery, using push sticks, etc.).

  • The lead faculty member will set a tone of inclusive, professional behavior among both students and staff. They will treat all members of staff and students equally, and with respect.


  • Exceptional skill in advanced woodworking, furniture design, and furniture building is mandatory. This includes advanced joinery, veneering & bending techniques, hand-tool woodworking, and machine-based woodworking.

  • Capable of modeling in a professional modeling & rendering software (ie, SolidWorks, Fusion360, Rhino, etc.).

  • A passion for teaching is absolutely mandatory; teaching experience is required.

  • MFA or similar academic training is preferred.

Compensation & Benefits

  • Salary: $36,000 to $50,000 per year.

  • Schedule: Flexible. Classes are held from 9 am-12 pm and from 1:30 pm-5 pm. We're looking for someone who can teach & provide studio assistance for a minimum of 6 of those class blocks per week. This could also be a full-time position depending on the interest of the applicant.

  • Time off between semesters and during breaks (total of 12 weeks per year)

  • Personal days: 10 days.

  • Staff members have 24/7 access to the shop and may work on whatever projects they choose, as long as the work doesn’t interfere with student work or with the staff member’s job responsibilities.

Application Requirements

  • Please send all applications to Catherine Emil at

  • Applications should include a short cover letter, your resume or CV, and samples of your work.

  • Please include three professional references. References will not be called without advance notice.