Semester-based Immersion Program

Join the growing list of VWS alumni who are creating a life in craftsmanship and design.

We are a fine woodworking and furniture-design trade school offering education in the tradition of apprenticeship in the Green Mountains in Vermont.  We are located in a three-story, historic barn turned modern woodworking facility with 40 benches for the students studying in VWS's Immersion Program and Northern Vermont University's degree programs at VWS.  We also offer many woodworking intensives and workshops.  The master craftsmen and women who instruct here teach extensive furniture-making techniques and give exposure to the variety of paths and careers in the woodworking industry. Perhaps you found us because you are looking for a craft school, trade school, or vocational school. Our student body is made up of people who are interested in launching a career or business in furniture-making; looking for a gap-year experience or are very serious about launching their woodworking hobby.  Contact us to find out more about our range of programs.

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