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Material Requirements

What to bring for a semester at VWS

The links provided are just suggestions for your convenience. We have no affiliation with any of the businesses linked. Whenever possible, we recommend supporting your local hardware stores!

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Safety Glasses

Keep a backup pair in case you lose or break yours. Eye trauma is no joke.

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Hearing Protection

It gets loud in the shop! You don't need extra fancy ones, but you'll want over-the-ear muffs that are comfortable.

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Sturdy, Close-toed shoes

You want good traction and protection against dropped materials.

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We may ask you to wear a mask in the shop—especially if we know there have been local Covid cases.

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Woodworking creates a lot of dust. None of it is good to breathe.

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Sharpening Stones

We recommend Norton combination waterstones—grits 220/1000 & 4000/8000.

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Keep your waterstones soaking in a plastic container so they're always ready to use.

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Orbital sander

These sanders save a lot of time—especially on a larger project. You won't need this until the middle of the semester, so you can wait to get one.

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Sanding disks

Make sure these fit your sander! You'll want 120, 150, 180, and 220 grit.

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Not required, but definitely useful. We recommend 6" or 12" clutch-style bar clamps.