Vermont Woodworking School was founded in 2007 by Carina Driscoll, Blake Ewoldsen and Robert Fletcher. They were motivated by the vision to celebrate and ensure the continuation of a heritage of fine furniture-making in the state of Vermont, which is rich in hardwood forests and fine furniture-makers. 


Now in it's second decade, the Vermont Woodworking School has successfully ensured the replenishment of furniture-makers who carry on the tradition of craftsmanship and design in their own unique style. We offer a semester-based "Immersion Program" through which students gain a deep understanding of fine woodworking and furniture-making. We also offer short-form workshops for those looking for a shorter time commitment option to explore the craft.

The Vermont Woodworking School's provides an excellent education in fine woodworking and furniture-making, enabling motivated graduates to secure jobs at shops such as Vermont Farm Table, Shackleton-Thomas, Thos. Moser, and Wall-Goldfinger. Additionally, the Immersion program has paved the way for students to gain acceptance into highly acclaimed graduate programs such as Rochester Institute of Technology, Savannah College of Art and Design, Virginia Commonwealth University, and Pratt Institute.


Brian Bright


Lead Faculty


Brian Bright is the full-time lead faculty member at the Vermont Woodworking School. Brian has a Masters degree in Fine Woodworking and Furniture from the School for American Crafts at Rochester Institute of Technology. Brian’s work merges contemporary artistic style with traditional woodworking techniques.

Mario Messina


Furniture Master in Residence


Mario Messina is a Furniture Master in Residence at the Vermont Woodworking School. Mario teaches full-time at Vermont Woodworking School. A member of the Guild of Vermont Furniture Makers, Mario is a Designer Craftsman whose work explores the union of function and art drawing inspiration from nature as well as other woodworkers, architects, and period styles. Messina’s work is an expression of our relationship to the natural world in the context of our home environment.

Harbor Square Gallery

Terre Morrison


Foundations Instructor


After retiring from a 20+ year career in aviation, Terre stepped up to the next challenge by pursuing her life-long dream of woodworking. Terre graduated from the first class of the Vermont Woodworking School Immersion Program and now teaches  in the Immersion Program, introducing students to fundamental woodworking and furniture-making skills and techniques. Terre is a thorough, supportive and patient instructor who moves mountains for students in their early semesters here. 

Morrison Woodworking



Community Faculty at VWS


Bob’s career in woodworking spans more than 35 years, including a degree in furniture making and design from Boston’s North Bennet Street School. He has worked extensively in design, construction and finish techniques covering a wide range of styles and projects. He has also been instrumental in the execution of architectural design pieces for some very exciting homes.

Robert Bortree Furniture

David Hurwitz


Community Faculty at VWS


David Hurwitz teaches an essential course at Vermont Woodworking School, which is Business Practices and Marketing for Artists and Artisans. David has been doing woodworking since the age of six. A professional woodworker since 1988, he is well equipped to show students what it is like to run your own business as a craftsperson. David has a BFA in woodworking and furniture design from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He has been the recipient of many awards design competitions in and out of Vermont.

David Hurwitz Originals





Director of Operations


Catherine & Jared completed the Immersion Program in 2018 and together founded a custom furniture company, Towards Nightfall. After two years running Towards Nightfall, Catherine and Jared returned to the Vermont Woodworking School as Director and Director of Operations. 


Catherine is dedicated to ensuring that all students get a top-notch education and leave school with a love of woodworking. Catherine directs the school's day-to-day operations, provides strategic planning oversight, and fosters the organization's partnerships. Before coming to Vermont, Catherine worked in the cultural sector in New York City. She graduated from Dartmouth College. 


Jared is passionate about educating the next generation of woodworkers. You can find him walking around the shop all day long giving helpful advice at student benches. As Director of Operations, Jared ensures that the facility runs smoothly and that all tools and materials are available when needed. Before moving to Vermont, Jared was honing his woodworking skills and craftsmanship in Nebraska and Texas. 


Carina Driscoll




Carina was motivated to co-found the Vermont Woodworking School in 2007 by her desire to ensure a solid future for the fine-furniture and wood products industry in Vermont. Creating the school, developing the curriculum, and forging an alliance with the Guild of Vermont Furniture Makers and Northern Vermont University are about ensuring that Vermont's time-honored traditions of woodworking and furniture-making are passed on to future generations. 

Blake Ewoldsen



Starting in 2007 at the school's inception, Blake worked alongside Bob Fletcher to create a safe and productive learning environment for the growing school.  Responsible for all material management, facility improvements, machine maintenance and repair, as well as front end customer service.  After moving into the Barn in Fairfax, Blake continued his work keeping all the machines humming, the facility clean and productive as the business expanded into the 2nd and 3rd floors.  In later years he maintained a supportive role in the machine shops, moving into bookkeeping and payroll, website management and community class development.  Currently working on other business ideas, Blake is always available to help in any way, excited to see school grow into the future.

Robert Fletcher


Co-Founder 1950-2013


Bob was a true Master Designer Craftsman and as a Co-Founder and the founding instructor, the school carries on in Bob's tradition in its commitment to quality craftsmanship and education in the tradition of the apprenticeship. Bob brought over 30 years of experience building custom furniture as owner of the Robert Fletcher Furniture Design Company located in Cambridge, VT. Robert also owned and operated Fletcher Turnings, a company that specialized in architectural production turnings. Robert specialized in quality handcrafted furniture and custom design pieces. He designed and built a variety of original and reproduction pieces, from William and Mary, Queen Anne, and Georgian (Chippendale) periods, as well as the Shaker and Craftsman styles.


Vermont Woodworking School is always interested in speaking with qualified candidates. Please email your CV or resume with a brief cover letter to Catherine Emil via info@vermontwoodworkingschool.com. Or mail to: 

Vermont Woodworking School

148 Main Street

Cambridge, VT 05444

EMPLOYERS: Do you have a job opening that may be of interest to our current students? Please email a job description to info@vermontwoodworkingschool.com and we would be happy to share the opportunity with our current students.