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How much does an Immersion semester cost? What does that include?

The tuition for a 15-week Immersion semester is currently $9,100. This covers your class time, materials used during class time, a toolkit, and a materials credit towards your design project.

If you choose to stay in our on- or off-campus housing, that would add an additional $3,300. The housing fee pays for a single occupancy furnished room with access to a shared kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry. All utilities are included as well, and we have wifi set up for your convenience.

What is the difference between on- and off-campus housing?

On-campus housing is in our Silos & Farmhouse. The Silos are attached to the side of the barn, while the Farmhouse is just across the driveway. Together, we can host up to 14 students. Priority for these rooms is given to students attending without transportation.

Off-campus housing consists of several 2-3 bedroom apartments located in the surrounding towns. For the most part, the commute to and from these apartments is under 15 minutes - most are 9-10 minutes away. We furnish these rooms & stock the kitchens the same as our on-campus apartments.

Do I have to use VWS's housing?


You're more than welcome to find an apartment in the surrounding towns or a little further away in Burlington. We are happy to advise on places to look or provide the contact information of one of the landlords we work with.

The main benefits of using our housing are avoiding a longer-term lease, having to set up utilities & WiFi, and furnishing an apartment by yourself. That being said, you may prefer to live close to a bigger town or city!

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